Have you ever heard of using a Mexican Rebozo to ease pregnancy and labor pain? As a doula, you will ALWAYS find one of these in my bag!

Scroll down to find out 5 Ways to Use a Rebozo!

What is a Rebozo?

A Rebozo is a shawl worn by women in Mexico.  It is a very long piece of fabric, measuring about 4-5 feet. Its history goes back centuries when women used it as a garment, to carry household goods, and to carry babies. Midwives, doulas, and birth attendants use it as a tool to comfort pregnant women.


A common sifting technique involves wrapping the rebozo around a woman’s belly as she kneels over an exercise ball or is in the hands-and-knees position.

Step 1: It’s easiest to wrap the rebozo around the belly while the woman is standing and then have her kneel down.

Step 2: The support person holds the ends of the rebozo and combs through it to straighten it out so it is supporting the woman’s full belly like a hammock. The support person will be standing in a strong position with both feet on either side of the woman’s hips. The support person can also stand against a wall for back support.

Step 3: Gently lift the rebozo so it takes the weight off the woman’s belly and rock/sift the rebozo back and forth so the belly moves with it. This should be done gently– think of it as a rhythmic jiggle or vibration. Check to make sure it feels comfortable on her belly.

Step 4: When it’s time to stop, slow down your movement and let her know you are going to be done. Slowly lower the rebozo so the weight is gently given back to her.

Sifting is great for…
🥰Doing each day during pregnancy to help the baby move into an optimal fetal position
🥰During contractions for pain relief or positioning of the baby
🥰Feels amazing for late pregnancy back and round ligament pain


ways to use rebozo, rebozoShake the Apples is used during active labor to relieve tension and relax the birthing muscles. It can also be done to help labor speed up. The labor position can be done standing, hands-and-knees, forward-leaning inversion, or open-knee chest.

Using the rebozo, the support person shakes the birthing woman’s buttocks back and forth in a jiggling motion. This should not be done vigorously, but it is slightly more forceful than the sifting method. This can be done for up to 20 minutes at a time.

Many doulas are trained in different rebozo techniques. When you are hiring your doula, ask her if she has experience using a rebozo! (I definitely do 🥰)

When NOT to use rebozo for sifting or shaking the apples

🛑If it is uncomfortable or painful in any way for the birthing woman
🛑If there has been any bleeding from the placenta or unknown bleeding from the vagina
🛑If the birthing woman doesn’t want to
🛑Ask your provider if it is okay if you have an anterior placenta


ways to use rebozo, rebozo

Tug of War can be used during the pushing stage by attaching to a squat bar or having your support person hold onto the other end.

This works really well if you have an epidural and don’t want to push flat on your back or you’re a first-time mom who needs some help pushing.


ways to use rebozo, rebozo

If you’re wanting to take advantage of a squatting position in labor, then this is a great hack if you don’t have a birth ball.

This is something you can do with a support person supporting you or by tying a knot at the end of your rebozo and putting it at the top of your doorway.


ways to use rebozo, rebozo

If you have taken one of my classes you know the magic of hip squeezes. Did you know you can use a rebozo to get the same effect? This helps support people rest. ⁠

You can achieve this several ways, but I’ve found tying it or wrapping the ends of the rebozo around something shaped like a stick does the trick!⁠

If you are balling on a budget or just don’t want to buy more crap, then these are Rebozo household alternatives!⁠

💖 Bed Sheet⁠
💖 Blanket Scarf (I know we all have one in our closet from 2014)⁠
💖 Throw Blanket⁠

These are great alternatives to get the benefits of using a rebozo. Just make sure to test them out first to see what works best!⁠


If you’re wanting to work with a doula who knows her way around a rebozo, then schedule your consultation here.


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