What is the Body Ready Method?

What is the Body Ready Method?

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What is Body Ready Method®?
Body Ready Method® is based on 5 pillars: Upper Body Mobility, Core, Pelvis, Pelvic Floor and Movement Patterns. Incorporating these pillars into your movement during pregnancy can:
– Help you have a more efficient birth
– Minimize pregnancy aches and pains
– Optimize recovery
– Minimize unnecessary abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction
– Optimize pelvic floor responsiveness
– Help you work smarter, not harder!

Who Should Book A Body Ready Method Session?

  • Anyone who is pregnant and wanting to prepare their body for birth
  • Somebody who has had previously difficult birth experiences and desires to be more proactive and find more support for their next pregnancy and birth.
  • Anyone who is aiming for a VBAC
  • Anyone who is pregnant and worried about their core, diastasis recti, pelvic floor function, or other body issues
  • Anybody who is pregnant and looking for a more holistic way to remain strong, functional and resilient through the entire journey.
  • Those who value function over fitness.


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